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Я любил в юности Александра Беляева и Люблю его по сей день!
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Запись: Классика фантастики — 5

Avtor Adsens
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The Story of Jesus The Christ
The writer does not apply for originality, but, knowing that all children like to read or listen to good stories, she tried to tell about Jesus Christ(...) Читать далее >>>
Classics fantasy – 7
The amazing world of A. Belyaev in a cycle of fantastic stories of the mankind eras covering a set — from the primitive person before flights in far g(...) Читать далее >>>
Classics fantasy — 14
The novel «Amphibian Person» which formed a basis for the cult movie of the same name is perfectly known by many generations of readers and the audien(...) Читать далее >>>
Classics fantasy – 4
Idevote Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky’s memorie
The story popularizes K. E. Tsiolkovsky’s ideas and is rich not only scientific knowl(...) Читать далее >>>
Classics fantasy — 8
Tyumenev opened a double star which has to fly by in close proximity to Solar system. When it passes in the next distance from Earth t(...) Читать далее >>>
Classics fantasy – 9
WHEN LIGHT GOES OUTJohn Parker works as the modest accountant in office of the Gray and Co company. To earn additionally, it begins to catch on the ci(...) Читать далее >>>
Classics fantasy – 10
The young inventor Shtirner studies activity of a brain of living beings and transfer of a thought on distance. For support of the (...) Читать далее >>>
Classics fantasy – 11
THE PERSON WHO FOUND THE PERSON Second, later version of the novel “The Person Who Lost the Face”. Here at all there is no fantasy. It is search histo(...) Читать далее >>>
Classics fantasy – 12
Little naive, in the spirit of the times, narration. The novel genre can be defined more likely how “the scientific imagination”. Though in the years (...) Читать далее >>>
Classics fantasy — 5
The amazing world of A. Belyaev in a cycle of fantastic stories of the mankind eras covering a set — from the primitive person before flights in far g(...) Читать далее >>>
Классика фантастики — 3
Среди одичавших коней (необычайные приключения подпольщика).
Действие рассказа А. Беляева относится к лету 1919 года — после захвата Крыма белыми в и(...) Читать далее >>>
Classics fantasy — 3
Among the run wild horses (extraordinary adventures of the underground worker). Action of the story of A. Belyaev belongs to summer of 1919 — after ca(...) Читать далее >>>
Adventures on the high trail
The intriguing adventures of cowboys written them to them by the fellow and the contemporary. Battles, friendship, treachery and of course love…

ht(...) Читать далее >>>
Classics fantasy — 6
The person who lost face Tonio Presto is a great actor. Tonio Presto is the pathetic freak. The genius with a face of the idiot, the person sentenced (...) Читать далее >>>
I am your fifth element
In the morning on a threshold of office of construction company there is a chief Karl Petrovich who presents to group of the new employee Sergey Stvor(...) Читать далее >>>
Classic fiction 2
In the laboratory, English scientists Charles hade and Oscar Fox are working on a project to create a flying man. After numerous experiments, (...) Читать далее >>>
life is nothing (Lbovshchina)
This story is in memory of Alexander Lbov, a man who does not know the way to the new, but hates the old, undisciplined, unrestrained, but brave and p(...) Читать далее >>>
Only craft.
We meet Alexander, an aspiring writer who fights with himself, his weaknesses and the texts that he writes. Torn between writing and hard work on eart(...) Читать далее >>>
The very first scientific research in the Americas devoted to birds. It was birds that were of great importance in the myths and legends of the people(...) Читать далее >>>
It is devoted to people unsatisfied, grieving for "the best share", sharply feeling social oppression. As the writer who was close knowing l(...) Читать далее >>>