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Avtor Adsens
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It is devoted to people unsatisfied, grieving for "the best share", sharply feeling social oppression. As the writer who was close knowing life of workers the Wanderer managed to imprint spiritual power, moral purity, precise mind and "fantastic talent" of the Russian people in the books.
The basis of the novel was formed by the real historical events which were taking place on average the Volga region on the eve of the revolution of 1905. The bright page in the history of liberating fight of 1905 was creation of the Novorossiysk republic.
In the fall of 1905 fight of peasants broke out with a special force, covering all new and new areas including settlements the Old Brawler and Obsharovka in whom the Wanderer was born and spent children's and young years that could not be reflected in this novel.


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